Why Does Life Have to Be So Hard?

It is easy to want to give up, especially when life is not kind to you as you see it being to others. Sometimes, we can easily feel life is not playing fair or even take it a step further. If you are someone who believes in God, then some of us can feel as if He is not being fair to us. However, I can promise you this is not the case.

I had felt that way for many years. Some people would say, you shouldn’t question God. I mean He is God right? The Ultimate Being? The Creator of Heaven and Earth? So yes, I get that. Yet, I beg to differ. God is all seeing and all knowing. If this is the case, then He already knew I felt He wasn’t being fair to me. So for me, I had to question Him. Why does my life have to be so challenging and so hard?

Who knew, He would one day answer me to help me understand. It wasn’t that I was being picked on or He was favoring others over me. I was being prepared for a journey in which one day I would be able to help so many people come through some of the same challenges and hardships in their lives that I made it through. Okay, so then this made sense to me, but it did not feel good to me. Let’s keep that one real. (lol) In looking back over all of those hardships, I now understand, I was in the “School of Life”. Some things our educational systems can’t teach. It takes going through the life lessons and overcoming it to better understand how to relate, solve problems, address internal needs of some people who will never visit a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist to get answers or help. Some people need to see others who have lived in similar places and have somehow overcame.

At the time of me giving up, I realized it was me wanting to take the easy way out. Do you know how much courage it takes to get up and start your day no matter how difficult life is punching you in the face, throwing kidney blows and all? You are courageous. You are stronger than you realize. Facing your true unfavorable reality takes a lot of courage but you are managing to do this every day. Now, what’s left for you is to “say yes to change”. If you have faced the same storms of life over and over, wanting to experience life on a better scale, or even ready to be free from bondages holding you back, then saying yes is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Most of us have been there. Some of us are starting to see our reality for what it is and making the decision to change up the scenery. If you never try something different, then you will never know how different your life can really be. So today, I encourage you to not only face the truth of where you are, but make steps to change it if you don’t like it. If you need assistance, I can help you with that. If you need motivation,then check out the man or woman in the mirror and look at your reality again. This should be your true motivation for wanting better. If you are willing to accept where you are, then understand you are making this type of life for you. It will only change as you put actions to your words to make it better. You can indeed create the life you want. I believe you are worth “saying yes” to and for. I know “my yes” changed my life forever and now I can’t even imagine having it any other way. Aren’t you worth it too?

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