Start and Finish Strong

We all have projects we start from time to time. Some of us start projects and may not even finish one before we move on to another one.  There should always be a destination for each project you start. Have you found yourself being one who is full of many great ideas? You get excited once the idea happens and you start the work? However, you soon find out the idea has a limited space to exist or you have more work to put into it then you imagined. So therefore, it never gets finished.

Well, 2017 is right around the corner. If you haven’t already sat down in a quiet place to gather your thoughts for 2017, then hopefully, you will be doing this really soon. It is important to know what you want out of the next following year. It is important to know what you want out of your day, but most importantly, your life.  If you haven’t thought about anything but the same old things you always say when a new year rolls in, then please start thinking about it now.  It is time to change up how you do things, especially if you are seriously ready for a better life.

Okay, I will say this, enough with wasting time already. Your time is really valuable because your life is. Each day is different than the day before. You may find yourself doing the same things over and over, but there is something that should be somewhat different than yesterday. The point is, everyday is meant to be explored and lived.  We simply don’t allow each day to bring us what it was designed to.  Now, it is completely up to you what you get out of each day.  I would ask you to start thinking about your day before it arrives.

Start planning each day before it gets here, so you don’t miss important things you could be doing with your life. Take the moment to seize opportunities and make the best of your time. If you are going to start a project, then please have a destination set up for it. Such as, if you start a weight loss project, then set how long you want to go on this weight loss journey, how many pounds you want to lose and how you will plan to do it.  Do the necessary research first. Pay attention to your schedule, what you will and will not do, what you will and will not eat or commit to. Base your project on truths and not hopes that you can. Set realistic goals and plan it correctly.  In doing so, you should be able to reach your target goal.

Reaching your goals are very important. 2017 is a very important year for each one of us. Why? Well, because it has yet to be explored. We have no idea what it can or will bring our way. There could be some good times, bad times, and also some “game changing” times for us all. If we set goals in place with target deadlines and do the proper research before starting it, then we may find ourselves finishing more of what we start and finishing it strong.  We may also find ourselves not willing to commit to so many ideas that come our way because we have learned each idea may not be the right timing or for us to do period.  In 2017, I want to see us start it off correctly because we are ready. Additionally, we did what was necessary to see it through successfully and effectively to the end; so therefore, we finished it strong.


2 thoughts on “Start and Finish Strong”

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    1. Hi Stacey Fleetwood.
      Thank you so much for reviewing my website and reading my post. I so appreciate your kind words.
      I am honored you stopped by and wanted to give me a shout out from Porter Texas. I pray much success in
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