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3 Part Series: Each series is broken down into 30 days to help you better track your journey.  We hope you will desire to start the 90 day challenge soon.  Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter of this powerful movement. It will be filled with inspiration, updates, motivations, and feature people who are on this challenge to encourage others to take this journey as well.


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#90 Day Challenge

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Have you felt as if your life is not worth living? Do you constantly feel there is no longer a reason to hope for change? Have the storms of life stripped you of your joy, peace, and the desire to believe your life will ever get better? Before you throw in the towel or simply walk away, please know your life is worth living and it is possible to live a life full of peace and joy with balanced abundance.

Lateka S Carter knows all too well what the storms of life can do to one’s mind, finances, health and spirit. She has faced many adversities, which made her feel at one time inadequate, invisible, oppressed, discouraged, and life was just not worth living. She lost hope. Depression and dysfunction quickly became a blanket of normalcy. It was from the lowest place in her life suicide seemed to be the only outlet to escape the detrimental pains of life, in which she was drowning.

It was in the dark places of depression, suicide attempts, and despair that Lateka reached out to God for help. Not only did God help her, but also healed her and set her in a place full of purpose and power with demonstration. He walked her through a process to transition her life into a healthier, self-sufficient, and balanced person. From this experience, she created a process to help others shift into a place full of peace, joy, and balanced abundance. This self-help, inspirational journal is designed and written to coach others on a self-paced journey to live a balanced life transitioning from the inside out in 90 days.

Check out the virtual view. To view a portion of this journal, select the "click to read" button on the virtual journal. It can open a larger window to make your viewing easier.

Support Group Discussions Through our Transformation Course

Support group discussions will be opening up soon in 2018. This support group discussion in the Transformation Course will be taught by the author & TransformMyLifeCoach, Lateka S Carter.  To help ensure you don't miss out on the opportunities, please sign up below for our monthly newsletters that will be packed full of powerful information and empowerment to help you stay on track for 2018.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Lateka S Carter is a Transformation Coach who has mentored and transformed lives. She is known as the "TransformMyLife Coach" who gives sound advice, structure, and helps others to plan out the future they desire to have. Her coaching style leaves her clients feeling reassured and confident in the steps they are making towards a better life. All sessions are confidential and designed per the individual's needs.  There is a FREE 30 minute phone coaching session available to get to know the client's needs a little better.  If you said you are ready for change, you are ready for a better life and a better you, then Lateka S Carter is here to help you take your life back by unleashing the power and greatness from within!

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