Lateka S Carter

Photographer: Stream ATL.NET-owner, Chad Archy Visit Stream ATL's website

Makeup by:  LaTisha of Goddess Glam Studio IG: @itslatishaduh

Hair by: Fred "the Weave Master" Visit Fred's website

Nails by: Keonna Shauntae Nails: IG:keonnashauntaenails


Lateka S. Carter is SYNERGISTICALLY gifted and innovated to produce and provoke change. She is an Executive Film Producer, Empowerment Speaker, Radio & TV Host and now Author.  She is a woman of many gifts and talents, all used to be of service to others.

Throughout the years, Lateka has worked with groups of women, men, and youth, as well as businesses, schools, and churches in creating events, workshops, conferences, and outreaches in various communities within southern Virginia, North Carolina, and now Atlanta, GA. She has assisted many by empowering, educating, and offering services, per the need. She is a Community Activist, Coach, and Mentor. She understands the many struggles in life and how “easy” it is to want to give up, but utilizes her acquired wisdom/knowledge and God given talents to be of service to her communities and audiences all over the world.

Lateka speaks to the hearts, minds, and souls of women, men, and children. She has mentored many for personal and business growth opportunities. She is a Transformation Coach who empowers and inspires many to excel to their "God-given" potentials of greatness. She speaks at workshops, conferences, and groups, as well as sought after to help mentor others to excel in life.

Please be warned. Her "motivational method" is contagious and anyone who has an opportunity to be a part of her audience will feel the pull to change for the better. Her 
motto is to "empower, inspire, educate, and provoke change". She believes if you "dare to be different, then you will stand to be counted."

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Behind the Scenes Footage of Lori Pelzer's Girl Go Be Great Women's International Success Conference Video is broken up into 2 parts. Check it out! Courtesy of Attendee

Behind the Scene Footage of Carolton Idol a singing competition that was started by a contestant from American Idol, Executive Producer Brandon Stewart.

Check out Host, Lateka S Carter, on the Red Carpet premiere for FX's new TV comedy show, "Atlanta" courtesy of Stream ATL's "On the Guest List" show.

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Host at FX Red Carpet Premiere TV Comedy Show "Atlanta" courtesy of Stream ATL.Net

Behind the scenes footage and selfies

Red Carpet Hosting for Stream ATL at the 2oth Anniversary Celebration of the Untold Stories Luncheon 2017 3.3.17

Behind the Scenes Facebook Live Video

Wrapping up the BWFN Luncheon

Behind the Scenes Footage of FX hit new Comedy Show-Executive Producer Danny Glover, "Atlanta" courtesy of http://www.streamatl.net show, "On the Guest List"

Check out the movie trailer for Twisted Love. Lateka S Carter is the Executive Producer and Writer. Premiered July 29, 2015 at Red Cinemas in Greensboro, NC.

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