90daychallenge testimonials


It's the ability to love others through your words and actions that make a difference. Their words are fuel to my soul and fuel for my continued journey. God showed me how to turn my pain into purpose. - I humbly  say "thank you" for your wonderful words of encouragement and testimonials of the work I've done.

"What matters is what you do while you are here." Thank you for allowing my light to shine and make a difference in your life. -Lateka S Carter

I would like to thank you for being a part of my life and inspiring me in letting me know that I can get through the things that has impacted my life, some for the good and bad. You have really been an inspiration to me In so many ways! Thank you so much!!! -from VA
Thank you so much for pouring into my life. I have learned to be more patient and understand how to recognize what is truly for me by praying and allowing God to guide my every step. Your wisdom, your listening ear and your guidance has kept me staying stong and continuing to push forward in doing what God has gifted me to do. I have also and will continue to share the tidbits, strategies, bible scriptures you have given to me during my journey and transition stage with someone who is going through the things you have helped me to overcome. April Thompson
I am so proud of Lateka S. Carter and all of her accomplishments. When I look at her life and see how she has endured every situation she had to encounter, it inspires me. I have seen her never give up and pushed harder to overcome what she was faced with in life. Her determination helps me to know you can overcome any obstacles you are facing. With God on your side, hard work and a determined spirit, there is nothing you cannot do. She has encourage me to do what makes me happy, enjoy life, and don't settle for less, but dream big. There is nothing I can't do if I step out of my comfort zone. She has made this scripture Phill-4:13 "I can do all things through Christ that strengthened me" as my motto. -From K.C.

Ms. Lateka S. Carter has been more than an inspiration to me. I call her my “earthly angel”. She came into my life during a moment I was at my lowest. I met her and the first words she said to me was: “I see the pain behind the smile”. All I knew was this woman could see all my pain that no one else could see it. She loved me and my children so much until I could feel the love and support. After being in an abusive unhealthy relationship for 15 years with Lateka’s faith, hope, love, prayers and encouraging words I became strong enough to stand up for myself and my children and we walked away.

Everything that Lateka said to me I believed and dreamed came true and now I am raising my two beautiful children alone and just purchased our first home all by myself. God answered all of my prayers and he brought Lateka in our lives to strengthen me and she believed in me when no one else did. There is never enough thank you’s for Ms. Lateka Carter. Her work with me was done the moment she moved to GA and I told her now it’s time for you to fly your wings my angel and be a blessing to the next woman in need. This is why I acknowledge Lateka as my earthly angel. I do believe in angels here on earth and I have been blessed to know mine as Ms. Lateka Carter.

I love you Lateka and never give up on your dreams. Your purpose is vital to the world. Keep shinning bright diamond❤ M.T.

One word and five sub-parts describe Lateka S. Carter, D-I-V-A-S! She is Diligent, Inspiring, Vivacious, Atypical, & Synergistic. I have known Lateka for many years (all of my life) and have known her to be Diligent, because she works hard and perseveres even in the most grievous times. She finds the strength and the courage to empower herself as well as others around her to press forward through the atrocities of life or difficult decisions. She Inspires the world to connect with their inner King and Queen by looking through the lenses of Jesus Christ and living out their true potential. She employs thought-provoking commentary by challenging others to realize their true worth and knowing that they are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). The very essence of her being is Vivacious; filled with characteristics of humility, service, and amplitude. She has such a lively spirit that abounds and infects the population that surrounds her. Her stewardship embodies love for mankind and the ability to serve a community through social media, verbal or electronic communication, as well as direct contact. Lateka is Atypical because she “dares to be different.” She is confident enough to go against the normalcy of tradition and embark upon radical transformation (ie. radical transformation of Saul to Paul, Bible KJV) and transition herself to break the chamber of despair and embrace a new life-fulfilling identity. Lastly, her Synergistic quality is evident as she has designed a 90-day transitional strategy to share with others who desire radical change in their lives and the lives of others. Life provides us no guarantees and is filled with many unknowns. However, Lateka has wavered many storms in her life and had to withstand many things alone. She has had to replace hate with love, bitterness with forgiveness, anger with happiness, grief with joy, and failures with success. She packaged all of that pain and traded her ashes for beauty. I have witnessed her transition first-hand and have been in awe of the glory that has been revealed. I am encouraged by her strength, and strengthened by her courage to endure her cross despite the shame. I am motivated and inspired to begin my radical transformation with the assistance of my spiritual and natural sister, friend and mentor by my side.

S Walton