Launch of the #90daychallenge campaign

This is the launch of our #90daychallenge to live a balanced life by transitioning from the inside out.

2017 can be your year for a better life!
Transition You in 90 Days (3 part series)
Author: Lateka S Carter
Publisher: Dymondfyre Global Publishing
Song by: Lucy Jae, Gospel Recording Artist, "I Am Not Job" ( )

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I want to shout out to you today. Those who have worked so hard, given so much of yourselves, dedicated and sacrificed yourself to your family, achieving your goals, working a career or not even the job your really want to work. I shout out to you sis! I shout out to you my brother! 

You deserve to be recognized because of all the things you could have done, you didn't give up on life. You didn't give up on your family! You didn't give up on your career path! You stayed and fought for what you have worked so hard to have in this life. Your life is so precious! Your life matters so much! You are one of the toughest, most loving, dedicated, hard working human beings on this planet! Kudos to you! You my brother, my sister got it going on!

2016 is almost over! I'm not waiting until December 31st! I'm celebrating your accomplishments now! It's not about what you didn't get done or did not get to do, but what you have done! YOU MADE IT THROUGH EVERYYYYYTHINGGGG that tried to shut you down! I salute YOU Queen! I salute YOU King!


I dedicate this song to all of you!


Why Can't We All Just Get Along???😳

Posted by Lateka S Carter on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Uplifting Moment on Transitions Talk Radio Show

Posted by Lateka S Carter on Sunday, March 5, 2017

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As we start off a new year, many are faced with difficult times and challenging decisions to make. I would like to start a movement to help send encouragement to others.  You never know who may be facing adverse challenges in life. Let's face it. A little smile, a kind word, a good gesture, or even a conversation can help make someone's day more tolerable.

You can't judge someone by their outer appearance or seem to know what they may be going through. Even the strongest person understands how to "fake it until they make it". So today, let's not simply assume, who, what, or why, but let's just pay encouragement forward.

I simply want to encourage you, regardless to what or if you may be experiencing any challenges in life right now. Today, I want to remind you someone is thinking good thoughts of you and want to see you win in life. Staying focused is key with the understanding distractions will come. However, it is up to us to quickly identify the distraction and remove it. Life is and will be as beautiful as we can see it. Changing the way you see things can easily change the way we live day by day.

My desire for this movement is that we spread continuous actions of encouragement with love into a world full of drama, terror, and chaos. So, I employ you today to pay encouragement forward just as we pay good deeds forward.